Let me introduce myself,
I am Fran Ross.

I have been a real estate broker in Grayson County for twenty years. My most recent employment was with Nortel Networks. My husband and I have an English bulldog, and two stray kittens that have adopted us. We left our Bulldog while we went on a short trip with a local and reputable vet. Upon our return I was horrified to discover how he had been treated while we were gone. I have never left him again. While the kennel was clean, it didn’t treat our animal as we felt it should have. If a bed was not provided for the animal then they had to sleep on the cold concrete floor. The dogs were only walked once a day. If they had to go to the bathroom at any other time they had to go in the cage where they were kept. Many places that board animals are in strip malls and only have a small patch of grass that the animals must share, this is very unclean. It took a while after our return for him to return to his old self. Over the years I have rescued many stray animals. I have never passed a turtle on the road without rescuing it from the passing cars and moving it to a wildlife refuge so it would be safe. We will take excellent care of your pet while you are away.

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